DynamiCam Ltd was founded in 2012 By Enosh Cassel and Yair Ringel as a technological enterprise.


Yair and Enosh are both graduates of the film and television faculty. 

After graduation, Yair expanded his knowledge and specialized in motion control and electrical engineering, while Enosh worked as a film producer.

During their studies they witnessed rapid technological development:  in their first year of university, film camera was still the best option for cinema photography; In their last year film was replaced by a small full HD camera that enables superb quality (such as the DSLR series).

In addition, the field of stabilized gimbals rapidly developed. Small brushless motors and small gyros entered the market.    


Yair and Enosh used their knowledge in high Tech, business, and photography in order to establish DynamiCam Ltd: a leading technological company, which leverages these new technologies into a new innovation.   

The company specializes in the development and sale of miniaturized robotic cable systems as an innovative solution for video and Broadcasting.

The Key target is high performance, safe and cost competitive solutions for permanent installation in different venues.

In 2013, the company expanded into development and adaptation of robotic cable systems in various industrial areas, and now offers efficient and advanced solutions that save manufacturing costs and operations.

the team


Yair Ringel

Max levine
Product manager

Eran Gur


Enosh Cassel


Yoram Hirsh
Owner of CRS Ltd.

Itay Bar Ziv
CEO of CRS Ltd