DynamiCam is a mini 3D-motion cable camera system with working area coverage up to 50x50m and speed of 3 meters per second. Lightweight and compact stabilized camera gimbal. Live video feed and full remote camera control via fiber-optic cable. 12V DC power supply for the camera and gimbal, no battery required. GUI that allows unlimited programmed and repeated camera movements. Designed for permanent setups or short term rentals with low operational costs, easy handling and rigging to suit a range of different venues such as TV studios, sports arenas, media production and banquet halls.


3 axis stabilized head

Weight: 2.3 kg (excluding camera)
Length: 40 cm
Width: 40 cm
Height: 80 cm

Communication and video: Fiber Optic 

Continuous 360 degree of pan rotation.
Built in Dual SDI to Dual/Single Fiber Optic converter.
Supports compact cameras, up to 2.7kg including lens.
12V DC power supply via winch system to the camera, no more battery worries.


Dynamicam Camera Control Desk

Camera head - Control

Length: 40 cm
Width: 43 cm

Communication: Fiber Optic

Remote Control: Pan, Tilt, Roll, Focus and Zoom.
Adjustable Speed, Ramp (Expo) and direction.  



Winches and Electric Cabinets

Winch (Including flight case)
Weight: 55 kg
Length: 87.5 cm
Width: 37.5 cm
Height: 35.5 cm

Electric Cabinets (Including flight case)
Weight: 32.5 kg
Length: 51 cm
Width: 39.5 cm
Height: 41 cm

Communication: EtherCAT
Emergency stop button on each unit
Automatic cable slack detection

DynamiCam system includes 4, low power consumption winches, that can be powered from a standard 16A 220V single phase wall socket.
Pre-Installed in flight case and ready to use, no need for special rigging tools.

Optional Dual pulley kit, allows for non restricted placement of the winches; for example all 4 winches can be placed in one corner of the working area.  


pilot front.jpg

Pilot Control

Length: 40 cm
Width: 43 cm

Communication: EtherCAT

Emergency stop button + Safety Key
Safe area borders
Minimum operating height limit

2 Joysticks for manual control (X,Y,Z)

GUI * (touch screen supported)
Programmable motion presets for precise repeatable multi-point motion, spline motion, in all 3 dimensions (X,Y,Z)
Customization of extra safety parameters

Custom user profile enables operators to save personal control settings: joystick sensitivity, joystick exponential curve, speed limits and many more.

*requires Windows 10 - PC or laptop

Third party supported devices:

Remote camera control for Blackmagic Micro cameras

ATEM Software Control
(requires ATEM Production Switchers)

(no extra hardware required)

Gimbal and Camera:
Any camera and gimbal combination with a total weight limit of 5 Kg.

Wireless video link:
Compact HDMI/SDI video transmitter.